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Professional commercial kitchen and ducting cleaners

Ovenclear provide cleaning services for commercial kitchens across all sectors, from restaurants and pubs, to schools and healthcare settings

We can even clean the specialised oven equipment in food vans and pop-up kitchens

At Ovenclear we appreciate just how important cleanliness in the kitchen is, especially in the situation we find ourselves in today. The problem is that the kitchen in a restaurant, or staff canteen, is a very busy place and sometimes, the deep cleaning of the workspaces and appliances, just does not get done to the required standard. The staff are just too busy cooking and serving clients.

General cleaning, such as wiping down the surfaces in the kitchen will no doubt always be carried out, but when it comes to deep cleaning and making sure the oven is spotless, that is just too much to ask of yourself or your staff. They simply don’t have the time to do the job to the high standards needed in a catering environment. 

What Does A Commercial Oven Cleaning Company Do?

Professional commercial kitchen cleaners don’t only deep-clean your ovens, they will also clean all your appliances, work tops and surfaces and in some cases, the wall and floor tiles too.

The cleaning company should also empty any grease traps and clean not only the extractor fans, but any filters and ducting, as the latter can harbour grease and grime that could cause odours to leak back into the kitchen.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Commercial Oven Cleaning Company?

The most obvious benefit is that your professionally cleaned oven will look wonderful again, all ‘shiny and new’, just as it did when you first installed it. A ‘knock on’ benefit to having a clean oven is that it increases productivity, as the oven will be working at its best, cooking the food more efficiently.

Your staff will also love it, as they will be working in a better environment, after all who wants to work with dirty equipment? Another box is ticked when you consider any local health and safety laws. No more being ‘worried’ about a snap inspection by the local council.

And There Are Even More Benefits

Getting your kitchen and ovens professionally cleaned can also actually SAVE YOU MONEY. Here are just a few ways your business could cut its’ costs:-

Your staff don’t need to do the deep cleaning, this reduces wage costs.

No training on how to use the specialist cleaning equipment involved is needed.

There is no need to invest in any specialist cleaning equipment

Your business is less likely to suffer any fines relating to health and safety compliance

Your staff can concentrate on providing top class meals without having to worry about the deep cleaning of the kitchen, thus improving customer service and retention

Basically you and your staff can focus on your ‘real’ jobs, and leave the cleaning to the experts at Ovenclear. They will carry out this time consuming work for you, and importantly, because of their experience, expertise and specialist eco-friendly cleaning solutions and products, will do a better job than you could hope to do.

 We also offer specialist cleaning services:-

Hob Cleaning Service

Many kitchens have a cooker with a combined hob and oven, while others have separate units. These hobs come in a wide range of makes, models and designs.

No matter what the type of material used, our specialists can clean it. Ceramic hobs, Induction hobs, stainless steel hobs and gas hobs, we can clean them all, everyone being left in as near to ‘good as new’ condition as is feasible!

Extractor Fan, Duct, Hood and Filter Cleaning

Many kitchens have extractor fans or hoods, and they can do a great job of keeping the air clean and stopping the area smelling of any cooking odours.

Extractor Hoods tend to be found in more households than external extraction systems (these take air from the kitchen and expel it to the outside world).  

Extractor hoods re-circulate the air in the kitchen, this works well, but only if the filters are clean of grease and other deposits. Without cleaning, these hoods will simply not work as the inbuilt filters are unable to do their job. The answer is simple though. All that is needed is to change the filters, and clean the hood and in some instances, the fans.

When Extractor fans using ducts are used, it is also necessary to clean the ducts as well as any fans, as there is always a build up of grime and grease inside. This build up causes the fans to be less effective, and can also result in kitchen smells seeping back into the kitchen area.

We pride ourselves on offering a first class service and you can be assured that your extractor hood, fan and ducts will be left ‘sparkling clean’.

Microwave Cleaning

Microwaves can be tricky to keep clean. The interior surfaces are full of grills and bumps, not to mention the fact that some only have small doors. But there is an easy answer to this problem. 

Let Ovenclear’s team of specialists deal with the problem for you. We only use the very best eco-friendly cleaning agents,  these being designed to be used on microwaves. We can clean just about any make or model, regardless of whether it is a basic microwave or a fancy all singing and dancing ‘combi’ model.

It does not matter what the surfaces of the microwave are made of either. Whether enamelled, chrome or stainless steel, our team can clean it and will leave it looking like new again.

Our prices start at just £15 (as an additional service) so there is no need to wait until it is really dirty either (as that can result in poor cooking quality and odours).

Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning

No matter how much you try, it is so very easy for the tiles and grout in your kitchen to become grimy, especially near to the hob. Grease and food splatters can soon accumulate, something that can look very unsightly. Our team of specialist cleaners will be able to remove any build up of grease and grime, making your kitchen a much more pleasant place to work in.

We only ever use the very best eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This means you can have a kitchen that is great to look at and safe to use, all without damaging the planet.

Commercial BBQ Cleaning Service

Your business may also offer outdoor BBQ style catering, which could well mean you are using an ‘industrial sized’ barbecue or split roast unit.

As you will have experienced, there is no doubt that cleaning such equipment is difficult and can be a pretty horrible task. The good news is that our fully trained specialist cleaners can tackle all makes and ranges of BBQ’s, so do contact us to discuss your unique requirements. As with all our services, you can be assured that you will receive a reliable, friendly, courteous and thorough service.  

The cleaning system we use eliminates the need for any harmful cleaning products. In fact they are so safe and gentle that you can use your barbecue as soon as we’ve finished making it look like new again.

Want to make it a regular affair? We can put a service plan in place for you. This will ensure the regular cleaning of your appliances and that your kitchen is clean, hygienic and safe.  

Because each commercial kitchen will have different equipment, needs and requirements, we would be happy to create a bespoke service package for your premises.

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