Four reasons why you need your oven cleaned, and how Ovenclear can help.

Ovenclear engineer

It’s a question we get asked a lot: why do I need my oven cleaned professionally?

Whilst many people do clean their own ovens, we feel that a professional clean will always give a more complete result.

Of course, this also means that you can relax and leave the dirty work to us!

So firstly, why do we need to clean our ovens?

  • A dirty oven means a bad smell. Grease and food debris will continue to burn every time you use your oven. This will lead to unpleasant smells in your home.
  • A dirty oven is less efficient. Grease will decrease the efficiency of your oven and your food will take longer to cook. This could be dangerous when using packaging recommended timings to cook meat and poultry; your food may not be cooked through.
  • A dirty oven will affect the taste of your food. The taste of your food may be affected by smoke and carbon fumes caused by burning grease and debris. Smoke and fumes can also be harmful if inhaled.
  • A dirty oven could be a fire risk. One in five fires in homes are caused by cooking appliances. Grease and food debris could ignite in your oven and cause a fire. Also, the air circulation in a fan oven could become blocked by grime and grease and cause the fan to overheat, potentially causing a fire.

How can Ovenclear help?
Our expertise in all types and brands of oven, range, hob and extractor means that we’ll be able to achieve a fantastic result for any appliance.
As part of our exclusive six-step cleaning process, we remove parts of the oven such as the door, side panels and dials to ensure the entire oven is cleaned thoroughly.

Rather than using off-the-shelf oven cleaning products, many of which contain harmful caustic chemical; we use non-caustic environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. This means that grease and grime will be lifted gently yet effectively from all surfaces of your oven and that your appliance will be safe to use immediately after cleaning.

Our in-van mobile dip-tank means that there will be minimum mess and disruption caused in your home.

Booking a professional cleaning service through Ovenclear will leave you with the best possible results for your oven.

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